Founded in 2007 as a research institute, The Orpheus Group was a for-profit facility that wanted to unlock the secrets of death and the afterlife. In 2009, they officially went public with their technology and made themselves available for hire to take advantage of the growing field of spectral investigation.

Now, based out of Chicago, Illinois, the Orpheus Group is the leader in its field, known for its solid, professional reputation in dealing with ghosts and hauntings.

For a fee, the Orpheus Group will send agents to investigate suspected hauntings. Sometimes these turn out to be frauds or false alarms, but in the case where a haunting is real, Orpheus agents have been trained to deal with the situation in a number of ways, from helping a lost ghost transcend to simply fumigating the offending party.

Our Mission Statement

Orpheus Group is a customer-driven, profit-focused company with a unique opportunity to expand into a previously untapped marketplace. we base our activities on a four-point strategy articulated by our CEO, Jack Tilton:

  • Our People are our uniquely talented greatest resource.
  • Invest only for real returns; this is no carnival.
  • Attend to our customers’ needs and their loved ones’ unfinished business efficiently and professionally.
  • Explore this strange new experience scientifically and carefully.

We take our responsibility to the bereaved and to the recently departed seriously. Every Orpheus Group representitative adheres to a strict codeof conduct, ensuring our clients recieve a respectful and professional experience. You will not find Orpheus Group Commercials on late night cable television, nor Orpheus Group sponsorship of sporting events, no matter how large we grow.

Orpheus Group employs some of the world’s leading researchers in physics, cosmology, psychiatry and psychology, and periodically consults with religious officials from across the globe. We are the primary sponsor of the upcoming World Conference on the Afterlife in Breda, Netherlands.

With all that said, we are a nationwide for-profit corporation, not a funeral home. We don’t dress our consultants in black suits or play organ music in the offices. Per the second point in our strategy statement, this is no carnival, and it is not a charity. Orpheus Group provides a unique service in the world, and we are the leading corporation in our market space.

Welcome to the Orpheus Group.

Orpheus is a game set in a world very much like our own, while the game was designed for the storyteller system and in the World of Darkness, we’ve worked hard to update it to the Storytelling system as iterated by the appendix in the God Machine Chronicles. The game is expected to run for approximately six to nine months and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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The Orpheus Group

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