The Orpheus Group

Episode 1

Session 1 notes.

The characters arrive in at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago and are introduced to Nicholas Panagiotatos, Brad Negley and Ilona Darewell.

they sign N.D.A.s and are taken through orientation after which they are given a personality test (so freaking many tests) and are then given a card with an address and told to be there tomorrow at 9a.m.

the next morning they arrive at a nondescript two-story office building in Aurora. they’re met in the lobby by Ilona and a number of valets who are there to park their cars for them. Ilona then has them fill out their W-2s and then takes them for a tour of the beautiful building which include executive offices and a small medical facility, as well as interview rooms and conference rooms. they are then escorted back to the lobby where they are given new security badges. once that is done they are escorted to an elevator and shown that it has a hidden button, they’re then escorted into a hidden sub-basement.

SB-2 is a beautifully appointed and soothing space with all the ammenities one requires to live in luxury while closed off for large chunks of time.

after a full tour of their home away from home they are taken to another larger elevator and down to sub-basement 3.

SB-3 is more clinical than the living quarters, and is staffed with medical technicians and doctors, they are shown their offices and the labs and medical facilities (fully appointed and completely state of the art). Trish and Jeremy volunteer to hop into a pair of disconnected cradles and are treated to a dirty trick by Ilona.

they also meat agents White, Harris, Clark and Harrison. Harrison is in the medical bay, while Clark is having some fun at his expence. They’re given a tour of the Skimmer Lounge where they see Agent Clark relaxing while wearing sweats and a braves jersey, a technician checking a small screen displaying his vital signs. after which they are taken into the Sleeper Bay where they are find Agent Harris strapped into one of the cradles, looking like little more than a frozen corpse.

Welcome to Orpheus.

Angela 1xp
Trish 1xp+1
Millie 1xp
Jeremy 1xp+1

Mission Logs
Coming Soon

The Orpheus Group is committed to excellence and part of that is offering complete anonymity to our Clients while also ensuring complete transparency to the public. Therefor we will soon be instituting a Mission Log here on the site with the permission of those Clients who would like to share their experience with our talented experts.

Stay tuned!

Jack Tilton
CEO Orpheus Group


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