Agent Martinez

Chet Mason, Employee Number: 41219 Designation Class 4 Sleeper (Skinrider)


One of the older agents at Orpheus, Chet started his career as soon as he graduated from high school by joining the Army as soon as he could. He was sent to Vietnam several years later as an “advisor”. While there, he watched the horrible corruption; drugs, graft, and massacres, which were all part of everyday living. Chet became disillusioned with life as he watched this go on, day by day, while the fat cat politicians at home did nothing to help or improve the situation. Chet ended up with six Purple Hearts before he was honorably discharged and returned home.

He ended up living in a Veteran’s Administration home, which is where the Orpheus Group found him. At first, Chet was cynical as to what they really wanted from him, but ended up a believer the first time he projected. He could finally free himself from his crippled body and do what he really wanted: go after the hypocrites and bureaucrats that caused so many problems for him and many others. He also became a favorite around the company, serving as a mentor for many agents-in-training.

Agent Martinez

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