Banshees are considered to be the most empathetic of the Shades, and the ones most driven by insight and emotions. Many are compassionate, but some of the more cynical ones become prone to judging others who might be considered worthy of their assistance.

Because Banshees are so well in touch with their emotions and are able to so easily connect with others, they lack the fundamental frustration and pent up anger necessary to manifest the Helter Skelter Horror.

Beginning Horror: Wail
Banned Horror: Helter Skelter
Base Vitality: Stamina + 3
Base Spite: 7 – Integrity
Beginning Stains: 1

Affinity Archetypes: Caregiver, Defender, Gallant, Martyr, Mediator, Penitent

Notable Banshees: Kate Dennison, Jane Kennedy


The Orpheus Group Raymer